ARCH Natural Rose Water
ARCH Natural Rose Water

ARCH Natural Rose Water

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ARCH Natural Rose Water

Natural Rose water is known for its multifaceted benefits. 

  • It hydrates and balances skin pH, aiding dryness and preventing excess oil production. 
  • With its astringent properties, it tones skin and tightens pores, reducing acne risk. 
  • Rose water's anti-inflammatory attributes soothe irritation and redness, making it suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • Its refreshing spritz offers relief and calm, ideal for hot weather, post-exercise or during menopause. 
  • It’s a mood enhancement and relaxation. 
  • Furthermore, rose water's antioxidants protect against premature aging caused by free radicals. In essence, natural rose water serves as a versatile skincare product, catering to various skin concerns with its gentle yet effective properties.

Perfect for gifting in a Cotton Draw String Bag.

Ingredients:  Fresh Roses, Purified Water, Rose Essential Oil

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